Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Green Manalishi

I was head banging to one of my favorite Judas Priest songs in my underwear when I asked myself, "What on Earth is a Green Manalishi?" So I made a vast journey to the information superhighway or the internet. I found out the song composer, Peter Green, felt guilty for all the money he was making and tried to give away to the less fortunate as he possibly could. Green later left the band because he could not bear the guilt.
So I got to thinking about money and how people use it today and it kind of made me gag a little bit. It's funny how you can buy something and say to yourself , "Wow! I'm just so thrilled right now I could die happy." Then a week later you see something else you want and your mind is telling you to buy it and so on and so on. Of course I do this too, it is just a general mental affliction. I go over to my friends house often and she is loaded, no joke she's got twenty dollar bills sticking out of her ears. So I was talking to her step mom and she's telling me about all of the renovations she wants to do with the house right after they just bought brand new furniture from half way across the world. Like I was saying we all do this but all I'm trying to say is don't have a dependency on material things. As my teacher use to say, "Work to live, don't live to work."
I guess I'll conclude talking about another song called "The Pretender" by Jackson Brown. When people ask him who the pretender is he says, "maybe it's a lot of people of a certain generation who sort of embraced a very material lifestyle in place of dreams that they had that sort of disintegrated at some point." So don't try to fill this void with material things because I think you'll only be let down and also when you die that stuff doesn't travel with you. The only real sad part of this blog is that I never found out what the hell a manalishi was.

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