Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hilla"r"y for President

Last night I was at the Don Haskins Center to see Senator Clinton give her Texas rally here in the great city of El Paso. We were waiting in the rafters and the lights dimmed; I really felt like I was at a rock concert. The crowd went totally berserk. When she started speaking she had everyone's undivided attention except mine. When the lights came on I was looking at all the banners people made for the rally. "Clinton's Country" "Latinas for Clinton" "El Paso heart's Hillay" The last banner was not a typo, it was a fucking disaster. The thing that made it so miserable is the fact that the font was in blue and they decided to squeeze a little red "r" in between the "a" and "y" as if saying to the whole coliseum, "Look at me I take no pride in my work, it's to hard for me to flip this poster paper over and write this inspiring message to Hillary Clinton over again." She seemed to say.
Anyway the speech aside from that abortion of a poster was exciting. I really think that Hillary really respects border towns because her experience over thirty years ago. I think she knew the audience very well and had an excellent choice of topics and use of language. The rhetoric was very flowing and the ethos was an ethos of change and I really think Hillary definitely won over the city of El Paso. I suppose we will have to wait and find out on March 4th, until then be safe be sane and be sanitary.

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Carmen Lydon said...

I couldn't see Hillary because I had class but I would have loved to see her. So far I only have heard very good comments about her speech, including yours. She must have really impressed everybody in the room.
Although I strongly support Hillary for her obvious advantage in experience and herstand on various issues, I don't think she still has a chance to get the nomination. I have no doubt that she won the hearts (and votes) of El Paso, but will that be enough for her to make it? It's sad but I think the only way she will be able to get the nomination of her party is if the superdelegates get to decide (which in my believe is against the concept of a democracy, but anyways...). One thing is for sure: it stays interesting!